Private & group instruction on guitar, piano, flute, voice, and bass + bands

1996-Jan 2012, January 2013 to present

Since starting as preteen on my path as a music educator, I’ve worked with hundreds of private students in that time with very high retention rates. With students ages 3-83 at their homes, my home, and private lesson studios in the Southern California and the Kansas City areas, in-person lessons were a great source of personal and musical growth of students and teacher alike. It shaped the spontaneous resourcefulness necessary for doing online private & group lessons with webcam and website/self-paced learning since 2018. I get to travel while teaching in remote parts of the US and am so grateful for innovations in online education!

At-home, in-person lessons: 1996-2019

West LA to Fontana and down to Corona, CA through word-of-mouth (1996-2012) and Aimee Art Productions (2006-2012, 2013-2017).

Taylor Robinson Music and Musika Lessons at my home studio in Kansas City (2017-2019)

Music lesson studios: 2004-2018

Alta Loma Music (changed ownership; Rancho Cucamonga & Corona, CA): Aug. 2004-Feb. 2008 with private & group lessons
Mike’s Guitar World (serving Glendora & surrounding cities): Jan. 2013-May 2017 with private and band lessons
Academy of Music and Movement (closed; La Verne & surrounding cities): private lessons
Music House (Kansas City area at 2 locations): June 2017-Oct. 2018 with private, group, and band lessons

Online learning is a challenge. Find out more about the innovative pedagogical & andragogical approaches of my online lesson studio by clicking here:

Professional development: online education

Oct 2016-present

Currently an independent contractor for curriculum, instruction, and program development for non-profit & private companies. Here are some that I've partnered with over the years for professional developments as a Faculty Trainer and/or Teaching Artist:

Teaching Artist, Faculty Trainer, and program development for in-person and online group classes: Oct 2016-Jun 2020

After an amazing year of co-teaching residencies and afterschool workshops with Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) TK, EK, and Kindergarten teachers, I knew that I wanted to continue this work anywhere and everywhere I went. By giving classroom teachers in Title I schools the resources to integrate music with general subject education, Guitars in the Classroom (GITC) provides growth-mindset education to teachers and students alike all over the nation. Being entrusted with founder/Executive Director Jess Baron’s mission with GITC in the Midwestern U.S. meant building relationships between the school districts of the greater Kansas City communities with local businesses and music manufacturers who supported the growth of the GITC program in the middle of the country.

During the 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years, professional developments were provided through grants given to GITC-KS by the Country Music Association Foundation and supplies provided by KORG Education, SAGA Instruments, and Alvarez Guitars (St. Louis Music) to classroom teachers and administrators in Kansas City, KS and Olathe, KS.

In the 2018-19 school year, I proposed to include Title I districts without in-person programs available while utilizing the research of my graduate studies in online education. The research and pilot program of GITC-Online grew into a viable program through 2019-20 school year that was already up and running before the pandemic impacted how teachers could teach and be trained at the same time. 

Knowing that GITC-Online would open up opportunities for other GITC teaching artists and faculty trainers successfully with the pilot and initial programs as foundations for developing well beyond my contributions, I decided to step aside altogether to further concentrate on developing a wide variety of online curriculum.

GITC-Online continues to offer programs to classroom teachers in Title I schools throughout the US for all grade levels, subjects, and abilities for FREE, thanks to their generous sponsors, donors, manufacturers, board, grants, staff, teaching artists, and faculty trainers. Looking forward to seeing them offer in-person training on a nationwide basis again; their co-teaching and afterschool training sessions are transformative for teachers and their students!

Online ESL private lessons for students in China + Rural Education Project (REP):
Jul 2018 to Nov 2019

With my role at GITC expanding along with the teachers we are impacting all around the U.S. I decided to take on improving my ESL teaching skills. The move to teach with VIPKID prepared me further for my graduate thesis work. I never imagined how much I would enjoy the challenges of this work! 

I was certified to teach Levels 1 (Pre-VIPKID) to Level 6 for one-on-one lessons and was part of the Rural Education Project (REP) to reach students in classrooms throughout rural China. 

Having a fully-booked schedule with many regulars for the one-on-one lessons allowed me to get paid while researching what greatly benefit the education system here in the U.S. Truly, I miss the connection with many students in China. Once my online private instrument lessons became a full roster I couldn't wake up in the wee hours of the morning to continue working with VIPKID.

During and afterschool programs in public and private schools

Aug 2006-May 2017

Teaching Artist for group, private lessons, and school musical theater productions: Aug 2006 to Jan 2012, January 2013 to May 2017

Privately owned and operated by Aimee Young Hopkins, AAP has provided me with vastly different teaching opportunities with Music AND  with Critical Writing. 

Beyond the during and afterschool instruction opportunities, much of the private lesson instruction I’ve done in the LA/Pasadena area was done through AAP as well at students’ homes. 

Teaching Artist, Curriculum Development, & Professional Development: Aug 2006 to Jan 2012

The mission of ETM-LA, a non-profit organization, aligned with why I wanted to teach in the first place; equitable access to music education for ALL. With this program, I taught at:

I was commissioned by ETM-LA to write the Guitar Curriculum used by all guitar instructors in the program to fit with the ETM-LA mission, state and national standards, and the realistic application of the students only getting to play their instruments the one day a week that instruction is available for each school. ETM-LA also provided each of the Teaching Artists with professional development several times throughout each school year, the students with additional performance opportunities for some very prestigious audience members and TV shows like “Glee”, and, above all, the school teaching experience that allows for the Teaching Artists to continue their own careers in music.


Although my music education experience has been quite extensive, I served Title I schools for students Pre-K through high school as well as their educators and administrators with professional developments. For this reason, my degrees reflect the needs of equitable education.

Master of Education, Curriculum & Instruction at Ottawa University (online): August 2019

Bachelor of Arts, Human Services with minor in Psychology at Ottawa University (online): July 2018

Associates of Fine Arts, Citrus College: May 2005